Welcome to FAE Botanics

I’ve heard three is a magic number. FAE Botanics is trinity of tools I have used that bring me to a higher state of mind and bring joy to many aspects of my daily life. I have created this business through perseverance and with passion to bring these tools to others to promote a healthy and more colorful lifestyle. Stay tuned for local yoga events and self-care retreats. 

Cobra Pose

Eco-art Custom Yoga Mat

Give your yoga practice an artistic twist with hand painted eco-friendly yoga mats. These high density mats are printed on recycled vegan microfiber then fused to natural tree rubber with stunning hand-painted art. 


Art is love 

I’ve been an artist throughout my whole life and painting is one of my favorite art forms. It brings peace to my heart and stimulates my mind into a higher frequency. I am so grateful I get to share this gift with others. *Commissions will open May 6*. Please email artoffae.info@gmail.com with inquiries. Interested in hosting a live painting event? These are perfect for fundraisers or parties in the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha area. 


FAE Natural Beauty Products

I created FAE natural beauty products through extensive research using the highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils, nut butters, seed oils, and natural clay powders/herbs. These products a 100% natural, delicate and effective on your skin leaving you a healthy glow. FAE Botanics products works best on normal/dry skin and are a great option for post care products when using chemicals peels or intense retinol treatments. Please allow four to six weeks of cell regeneration as your skin detoxes and becomes accustomed to a natural product. 


For Private and Group Yoga lessons please visit Plans & Pricing page.